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PC Team Captains 2020

posted Jan 5, 2020, 7:30 PM by J. Tyler Baas-Peterson
Happy New Year, all!

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a team captain; we had far more applicants than we had spaces for captains. Thank you to everyone who offered to be a captain; I appreciate your willingness to prioritize this team by offering your talents and experience to help others. This team is full of excellent talent and amazing leaders, whether you are a named captain or not. We, as your coaches, expect you all to work as a TEAM--supporting one another, peer coaching, and giving advice and critiques where appropriate; the following group of captains are people who we believe can be strong supports for you. So, get to know your captain, ask them questions, and let them help you. 

I am excited for a great season with a big team (nearly 100 members currently). The following captains will act as supports for you and will work with the coaches to help this team be as successful as possible. Captains, please make sure to touch base with the coach you are working with sometime this week to see if they have any instructions for you as we head toward Forensics day on Jan 11.

Thanks, all! No team meeting this week, just FORENSICS DAY on Saturday 10am-4pm. See you there.

PC Event Captains 2020
Extemp and Extemp 9/10-- Joseph Sturdy
Broadcasting and Sales-- Ethan Lancaster
Informative-- Genevieve Kim
Impromptu-- Devin Crawford
Oratory--Brooke Berner
Storytelling-- Griffin Lantz
Prose and DI--Jada Thrash
Duo-- Riley Cahill
Poetry Open-- Marysol Millar 
Poetry 9/10--Sophia Diewald
Multiple-- Lucas Gilman