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    • Romanticism Writing

      You have spent a number of weeks looking into American Romanticism and the beliefs that come along with it. Those beliefs are over-arching, meaning that they are not just found in one author’s work, but they are characteristics and beliefs that this period of literature as a whole values and communicates.

      Your task is the choose one of the beliefs of American Romanticism (from the list of 10) and write a short essay (no less than 2 full pages, double spaced, but not more than three pages) where you will:
      1. Introduce the audience to the idea that you’ll be discussing
      2. Find three pieces of literature that we have studied in this unit, and explain with details and textual support how these pieces demonstrate the idea that you are discussing
      3. Briefly discuss how/if this idea is seen in present-day America and how much it is still believed (or not believed)

      Your role: 11th grade student who knows about American Romanticism

      Your audience: Your teacher, Mr. Baas, who knows what you have learned about American Romanticism

      Form: 2-3 page MLA format essay

      Due date: Rough Draft on Wednesday, December 19 and Final Draft on Thursday, December 20.

      FCAs:   1. Strong introduction and thesis statement.   /5
                  2. Strong argumentation/textual integration (3 quotes)  /10
                  3. Modern day application /5

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