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"On the Inside"                                                                      "Lady Venus"
 Sketch/Doodle                                                                      Digital Art              Amanda Gazi ('18)                                                                Adara Pasos ('18)                     

Submissions for the 2018-2019 edition of Montage are being accepted until November 6, 2018.

To submit to Montage, email your submission to Because this is an email that is outside of the pps organization, please email your submissions through a personal email.

In your submission email, please include:
  • Your name an/or preferred pen name
  • Your piece's title
  • The style of art/writing or genre you'd classify your piece with (2D pencil, acrylic paint, 3D sculpture, photograph, doodle, sketch, design concept, short story, poem, creative essay, graphic novel/comic, memoir, etc.)
You can either attach your file to your submission email, or, for writings, you can copy the text into an email. Please note, though, that if the formatting of your piece is meant to look a certain way, you should send as a pdf so that we have the writing in the desired format.