Creative Writing

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This semester-long course stretches beyond typical academic writing and allows students to explore a variety of creative writing genres including poetry, short stories, and creative essays. Students will be asked to write individually and cooperatively with peers. The craft of writing is developed through reading as much as it is writing, so students will be asked to read within the genres we study in class. This class is heavy on writing and moderately heavy on reading—students should be aware that this is an advanced class.

Major Assignments:


Poetry Portfolio (September)

Personal Memoir (October)

Original Short Story (October)

Creative Essay (Late October/Early November)

In-Depth Genre Assignments (2) (November and December)

Writer’s Journal (Throughout semester)

Multi-genre Project (Exam Project)


*Students repeating the course will complete an additional "In-depth Genre Assignment" 


Text used:

Various essays, writing samples, and personal reading materials.


Plagiarism, Collusion, and Cheating:

As is consistent with Portage Central High School policy, plagiarism, collusion, and any type of cheating is strictly prohibited. Instances of plagiarizing, colluding, or cheating will be reported to administration and could result in consequences ranging from loss of credit on the assignment to detention and/or suspension.

Plagiarism is defined in the student handbook/planner as "the use of another's ideas, facts, photos, art, charts, graphics, designs, or words without giving proper credit, an attempt to present the ideas or words of another as one's own, or presenting as new/original an idea or product derived from an existing source. In writing and in speech, the use of the words of another (whether quoted or paraphrased) without telling the reader/listener that those words are not one’s own." 
Collusion is defined in the student handbook/planner as "when a  student knowingly allows his or her work to be submitted for assessment/credit by another student."
Cheating is defined in the student handbook/planner as "the act or instance of fraudulently deceiving."


Use of phones/personal technology:

Unless otherwise stated by Mr. Baas, phones should be invisible and inaudible for the duration of the class period. There are no warnings about technology in my classroom; a violation of this policy will result in detention and/or other administrator action. 




This class will be scored according to the Portage Central Grading Scale.  


Each quarter will be graded according to the following categories:


Writing: 80%

Classroom Engagement: 20%



The final semester grade is based on a composite of two nine-weeks’ grades and the final examination/culminating assessment/project.  Each nine weeks is worth 40%, and the semester exam/project or District Culminating Activity assessment is worth 20%.